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  1. M

    TRT and skin care

    Any idea how using TRT which turns off growth hormone affect on skin care ? I am not sure about this but I noticed skin damage take extremely long time to recover is that related to not having growth hormone due to trt or stopping growth hormone is not really important ? Or maybe I didn’t...
  2. U

    Nodular acne on back out of nowhere, is it dietary or the TRT? HELP!

    In 2018 I started getting crazy nodular acne on my back, this is the deep stuff that is not poppable and does not have a head on it. I had started lifting in 2017 at 34.5 and was starting to increase calories as to not be a skeleton anymore. Somewhere along the way my skin revolted, salicylic...
  3. T

    Skin Health

    Do any of you guys take supplements for skin health? Ex. Collagen, glycine, vit C skin is aging and am wondering what are the better supplements or procedures for facial skin health.......ok...anti aging lol.
  4. T

    Skin issues - Cysts, Boils

    2 and a half years ago, after several years of using creams, I switched to injectables and Defy. Since then I have had 3 infected cysts or boils, none anywhere near the injection sites. When I was back at the dermatologist he suggested that it could be testosterone since acne is a fairly common...
  5. DragonBits

    CoQ10 cream for the skin

    CoQ10 for the skin, I may try this product. Amazon sells Advanced Clinicals CoQ10 Wrinkle Defense Cream w/Peptides, and Defy Medical sells CoQ10 in bio-peptide base cream, 30g. So not sure about which product is best. CoQ10 is part of the skin and also declines with age.after 40. I don’t...
  6. Nelson Vergel

    Effect of Different Hormones on the Skin

    Skin Deep Look At Hormones Written by Michelle Violi, Pharm.D – Women’s International Pharmacy There is no doubt that hormones affect the skin, but do different hormones affect the skin differently? Let's take a closer look. Estrogen Estrogen appears to affect the skin and its appearance...
  7. A

    Flaky Skin issues on testosterone?

    This may or may not be related to testosterone, but I'm having some really bad skin issues not related to pimples etc, but rather really dry flaky skin even starting to happen on my face, scalp has been itchy dry and flaky for years now with red bumps that can develop little scabs. I also after...
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