shoulder injection

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  1. W

    Thinking of switching from thigh to shoulder injections, a couple questions

    I’m injecting into the thigh with a 1 1/2 needle currently but am thinking of switching to the shoulder With insulin syringe. I don’t workout so my arms are average, would a 1/2“ or 5/8” be long enough to get into the muscle? What is the best gauge considering the viscosity of TC? Lastly, Do...
  2. J

    Nelson is right, the shoulder in the best injection site...

    When I first started TRT, I was a noob and went for the leg injections but that did not last long because of the soreness. Then I read all the rage about subQ and started injecting into the fat around my stomach area. What I found was that my free test dropped and my estradiol got to high...
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