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  1. C

    Shipping peptides abroad

    Hi. Does any of you know if some of the medical providers will send peptides to Europe? I have a dual citizenship and live abroad. I will check up with the different providers soon, but would like if any of you have experience. I am under doctor supervision (trt), but the country does not...
  2. P

    Ipa/CJC 1295 Shipped Constituted from Pharmacy-still efficacious?

    I'm a patient at PSR. I just started on the IPA/CJC. My provider just started using Wells Pharmacy in Florida. They shipped me the peptides constituted overnight with ice packs. They came cold, but my concern is that I thought these peptides are fragile and can't be shipped once constituted. I...
  3. Jason Sypolt

    UPS service change/update

    Defy Medical received this notice from UPS and I wanted to be transparent with our patients and anyone else who depends on their medications being shipped to them. Fedex is mentioned by the UPS rep making the assumption that they are affected as well, but I have not seen an official notice from...
  4. B

    Order from defy

    What is the typical amount of time for shipments from defy? Did a consult Thursday night and I assume the scripts were sent to the pharmacy Friday. Closed on weekends. Just wondering if I should expect the order this week. I chose the $25 express or whatever its called. Luckily I just got a...
  5. DragonBits

    FDA Adds New Compounding Pharmacy Regulations

    In an effort to clarify existing rules and regulations—and create new ones—the FDA has announced its plans and priorities for compounding pharmacy in 2018. Scott Gottlieb, MD, FDA Commissioner says that “because of the profound public health implications,” compounding pharmacy is a “priority.”...
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