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  1. S

    Anyone increase ejaculate using this?

    Anyone increase their loads using these tips on the homepage?
  2. KevinS

    Blood in semen ?

    < yes I have talked to my Dr about this > Anyone ever have blood in their semen when they shoot? has been happening off and on for several months - and started before I started TRT in July. Primary Dr says not to worry, it is usually nothing in 'older men' I am 60, but it is kind of...
  3. bumpy

    Spemen - Increased Ejaculate Volume and Fertility.

    Has anyone tried Spemen for ejaculate volume and increased fertility? It's looks like a very interesting "drug"/supplement that has some excellent sexual health benefits. If you've used it, I'd love to hear your experiences with it. Thank you
  4. R

    Does cabergoline improve ED? Why do body builders take it?

    Saw some info on it searching the net. Anyone taking it on the forum? Has it helped you in anyway?
  5. J

    TRT and reduce Seminal (Semen) Volume

    I was wondering percentage of all you on here experienced reduced seminal volume after starting TRT? If you did experience it was it greatly reduced or slightly reduced?
  6. R

    Semen volume and Nitric oxide

    I am on Test Cyp. (100mg/week) and Anastrozole currently.Totalk test level is 1050 and estradiol is 35. PSA .5 . Even though my blood work looks good, I feel very lethargic and tired. How can I increase my strength? Any input ? Does anyone know how to increase semen volume and nitric-oxide...
  7. A

    Does Semen Quality Decrease With Intense Exercise?

    Exercise plays an important role in everyone’s life because it is useful to keep you healthy. But excessive exercise can lead to many health problems such as depression, feeling tired, injuries, and fertility problems in males. No doubt it is noticeable that a lack of exercise also leads to...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Benefits of Therapies for Improved Semen Parameters, Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates in Couples with Infertility

    Eur Urol. 2019 Jan 7. pii: S0302-2838(18)31027-3. doi: 10.1016/j.eururo.2018.12.022. [Epub ahead of print] Benefits of Empiric Nutritional and Medical Therapy for Semen Parameters and Pregnancy and Live Birth Rates in Couples with Idiopathic Infertility: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis...
  9. J

    Sex drive and semen

    Hi guys I began TRT 5 weeks ago, and when I first began I had a huge increase in sex drive, and my erections were super hard. All I thought about was sex 24/7, and was masterbating about 4 times a day I noticed a decline in sex drive about two weeks ago, and a decline in erection quality. I...
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Effect of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) on Semen Quality

    Effect of Paracetamol on Semen Quality Several published studies, both direct and indirect, have connected paracetamol, also named acetaminophen, a commonly used over-the-counter analgesic and antipyretic medication, with semen quality and male infertility, although as yet this connection is...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Metformin improves semen and testosterone in men with metabolic syndrome

    Metformin improves semen characteristics of oligo-terato-asthenozoospermic men with metabolic syndrome Fertility and Sterility Volume 95, Issue 6, May 2011, Pages 2150&#8211;2152 Forty-five patients (age range: 26 to 44 years) were evaluated. Five patients experienced mild side effects such...
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