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  1. T

    Question on injection method (IM in quads)

    I am doing my second-ever self administration into my quad shortly. My doctor's nurse advised that I should try to "bunch up" some of the muscle/meat in my thigh and inject into that, but that almost feels like it makes my injection more of a shallow IM since I'm not the leanest guy (21% BF) and...
  2. E

    Need help: just starting self-medicating, don't know how to proceed

    So I was paying $450 ish a month here in THailand which was insane and not economically feasible. i was able to get a hold of testiviron from a pharmacy. How do I go about this? My protocol was: -2X a week testosterone 50 mg (total 100 mg per week) subQ in the belly (syringes filled to 0.2...
  3. R

    Self treating 18 months by symptom resolution only - lab confirmation

    trough on 2x weekly protocol t cyp IM , draw 4/13/2018. My endo: "Your Free T is way to high" He always says that. Too high for what? Hematocrit came down on its own from the month prior. No phlebotomy. IMO one can hit fairly close to where they need to be by feel alone. Granted, E2 is...
  4. R

    Labs 120 days in to retrograde

    Last labs in November, which were textbook perfect, documented remarkable progress in two years of healthy diet and lifestyle and self guided care. In no particular order here are few accomplishments after only 120 days of trading real food ,whey, aminos, supplements for 7-11 sandwich of the...
  5. starda

    Switching into Defy?

    I've been self-treating for TRT for about 6 months now. While the treatment has largely been a great success, I'd really like to move my care into the hands of a doctor. This is something I'm concerned about. I did have the option to work with an endocrinologist but decided against it as I felt...
  6. S

    25 Y.O Considering TRT, struggling with symptoms

    Hey, first of all, I'll start with saying how these past two years have been absolute hell. I'm 5"8, muscular and generally in shape. I used to work out regularly until I just had to give it up because of the symptoms I experienced. I've always had issues with mood/depression but never...
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