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  1. S

    Imbalances in body

    Hi all Almost three years ago I started having back problems, they started during Covid when I was under curfew and forced to sit around all day. For the next 18 months I was in quite considerable discomfort with back pain and sciatica, and something else happened at the same time as sciatica...
  2. L

    experience with sciatica?

    have recurrent episodes (with no back pain). , this is 3rd year. usually self resolves, but takes 2-3months to do so. been trying to keep it off. here is what I've researched, and I would be curious if you had success with it. 1) Physical therapy - temporary improvement, but does not seem to...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Body injuries / pain ? - Watch these rehab / prehab videos

    Coach Greg Mihovich and Sergei Karaliou show really interesting stretching and rehab exercises for tendonitis, lower back pain, shoulder issues, etc.
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