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  1. DragonBits

    FDA Adds New Compounding Pharmacy Regulations

    In an effort to clarify existing rules and regulations—and create new ones—the FDA has announced its plans and priorities for compounding pharmacy in 2018. Scott Gottlieb, MD, FDA Commissioner says that “because of the profound public health implications,” compounding pharmacy is a “priority.”...
  2. R

    FDA: New labeling requirements: More stigma for TRT Bad reporting from WebMD "FDA WARNS OF DANGERS FROM TESTOSTERONE SUPPLEMENTS" WebMD blares out No its not Tribulus, Horny Goat or Maca. In fact the latest fear mongering from the FDA isn't about any supplement at all don't...
  3. R

    Linking Steroid use to violent deranged behavior: Orlando Pulse mass murder

    According to Bill Chappell, reporter for NPR, the ex-wife of the man accused of murdering 50 inside the Orlando night club on Sunday has publicly linked "steroid use", "physical abuse" and "controlling behavior" to the suspected perpetrator of the most horrific mass shooting yet to occur on...
  4. R

    Economic impact of Testosterone Defficiency in the U.S.

    [h=2]Originally posted by Excelmale. My comment: the direct health impact as described by op is high yet is does not include diminished productivity, costs for preventable workplace accidents, higher workmen's comp, increased costs to entitlement programs such as possible permanent disability...
  5. Excel Male

    US Federal and State Regulations on Testosterone and HCG

    Testosterone is a controlled substance in the US, specifically a Schedule-III controlled substance (in all but one State), and this includes any form of testosterone including injectable, transdermal, patches, pellets, and any compound or product containing testosterone as an ingredient. New...
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