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    TRT and Chronic Pain

    This Japanese study found that 6 months of TRT improved chronic pain and other quality of life measures. The abstract says: "The present study investigated the efficacy of 6 months of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) on chronic pain syndrome in late-onset hypogonadal (LOH) men. Sixty...
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    Exogenous Testosterone Decreases Diabetes Risk

    A new placebo controlled study of the use of testosterone undecanoate to prevent type 2 diabetes in older obese men found it reduced the risk by 40%. The study was presented at the recent meeting of the American Diabetes Association, the abstract is online. There is also an article about the...
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    Letrozole vs. Testosterone for Hypogonadism

    This is an interesting idea for a study. Unfortunately, I believe the results are useless because the small dose of testosterone used. The abstract says: "We did a randomised, controlled, open-label trial at four paediatric centres in Finland. Boys aged at least 14 years with CDGP who wanted...
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