questions on trt

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  1. J

    Recent Yearly Bloodwork- some help please!

    Would like some assistance from the great minds on here regarding my recent labs. Some history= I am 52 yo, 6'1" and 220lbs, but muscular build as I lift heavy 3x week and am in good shape for my age (so I think). Been on TRT for about 10 yrs now. I have had primary hypertension since my 20's...
  2. M

    Why does 100mg oral pregnenolone spike my libido beyond belief?

    Hey guys, I’ve been on TRT for 7 years. I am on 200mg of test cyp EW split in 2 shots (Monday and Thursday). No HCG, no AI. Last bloods were 8 weeks ago. TT was 1100, E2 sensitive 40. I forgot what my SHBG was but I was right in the middle. I feel good here. Recently, I’ve been experimenting...
  3. F

    Should I consider T replacement?

    I just turned 56 years old. Maybe 10 lbs overweight. 176lbs and 5’-7”. I take 50 mcg thyroid T4 I swim 1 mile three days a week. Recent blood labs from yesterday Total T=489 Free T=12.44 SHBG=22.9 Estradiol=20 Are these decent or poor numbers for a man my age? Symptoms: Do not wake up...
  4. J

    Help With Recent Bloodwork Results on TRT/ HcG

    Hello- 51 yo male here, been on TRT for several years using Cypionate, recently added HcG in past year for testicular atrophy. I currently follow this protocol: Test Cyp 50 mg combined with HcG 500 units both drawn up for 1 ml. total in a 29ga 1/2" syringe injected into shoulder area on M/Th...
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