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  1. bennettjc

    My Personal Account Of My Becoming A Member of The "TRT Community."

    A TRT Community Member’s Typical, but Difficult Journey
  2. J

    Considering another TRT provider. Advice please!

    I'm working with a popular Tampa based TRT clinic. I've been with them for years, but have lost a little confidence and been disappointed of late. Like many men with low T (diagnosed at age 35 with total T of 181, but probably a lifelong issue), I'm hoping to finally get my body to look and...
  3. A

    Oxandrolone Decreasing Abdominal Fat in Obese, provider in florida?

    There are a few articles describing the benefits of Oxandrolone in decreasing abdominal fat in obese 40-60 year old men. Absolute Pharmacy stocks Oxandrolone Capsules. Would anyone know of a provider in Florida that would prescribe Oxandrolone from Absolute? Defy Medical does not use Absolute.
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