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  1. R

    Hcg on trt . Best time ?

    I’m using hcg 400iu”s twice a week on Sunday and weds . I picked these days because my testosterone injections are on Monday and Thursdays and my thought process is I want to limit how much hcg converts to estrogen . So by waiting till the day before my next injection my test levels will be...
  2. G

    Libido. ED, EOD or E3D.

    Libido. ED, EOD or E3D.... Hello everybody. I am reading some posts on this forum and I would like to be able to ask all of you about libido, frequency of injections and if you feel good about your protocol. From what I see many people start well in their protocol and over time the libido gets...
  3. 3

    HCG and Testosterone Cypionate and wife is pregnant!!!!

    Attached is my recent sperm analysis (July 1st, 2020) and my HCG & T protocol. For the past 2.5 years I’ve been taking 300 IU’s .1 2x week HCG and 80mg .4 2x week T Cyp. My testes have mild atrophy, but decent sperm load and I notice a difference the longer I go without HCG. I decided to get...
  4. Z

    MWF protocol

    I just started this week on my new MWF 50mg each injection. The first week has been okay. I am going to avoid an AI if I can. I was just wondering if their are any members on here who do specifically 3 days a week and how it’s been going for them??? Thanks!
  5. K

    Doctor suggesting unusual TRT protocol.

    I was discussing my low T symptoms with my new GP (he sounds much more knowledgeable than all the endos I've been to btw) and told him that I came off TRT because it wasn't working for me. I recovered after one year on TRT + HCG and recovered to my pre TRT levels (low normal range). He...
  6. J

    How Different Injection Protocols Affect DHT...

    Once weekly, twice weekly, and daily injection protocols....Which of these injection schedules do you think yields the highest DHT levels? Thanks
  7. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    7 weeks on TRT- changed protocol again. Nuts?

    Hi guys, Starting my 7th week on cypionate injections. 1st month doc had me on 200 mg E2W (bad anxiety each time until the 2nd week, did this for 1 month. Doc insisted I stay the course. Then I did not like the roller coaster so per advice herein (forum) I switched to 100mg once per week. I...
  8. Jiu Jitsu Dude

    Will it always be a roller coaster?

    Hi Guys, Will this TRT journey always be an emotional roller coaster? Is it for you guys/most? Starting my 4th week of cyp injections 200mg every 2 weeks. I know I said my doc would allow weekly but when I asked he said no. So I've had 2 shots now since my 7-23-18 start date. Each time it...
  9. Okian

    Injection Protocol for people with Low SHBG !!

    '' However, what I hear "on the streets" is that men who are low SHBG or just high converters to estrogen tend to do better with 3X weekly subQ injections. I believe the reason for this is that with smaller doses of testosterone cypionate more often, you get a smoother ride with lower estradiol...
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