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    Test prop

    Where does everyone get there test prop, looking for prices also. I contacted empower but they stated they need a script first to give me a price. To me that seems odd , not looking to waste my docs time sending scripts just to price check. Looking to try prop because from some reason enanathate...
  2. M

    has anyone used pavillion pharmacy in ATL for a blend?

    I am switching from cream to injections. I have only ever used this doc for cream and for injections he uses pavillion pharmacy in ATL. They use a blend of cyp/prop mixed with mct oil. I have been on cyp for years prior to using cream but never a blend. Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. J

    Better Libido/Sexual Function with different esters?

    Has anyone found they have better Libido/Sexual Function with certain esters like Propionate, Sustanon and even transscrotal Cream compared to Cypionate and Enanthate? Could this be due to the quicker absorption and spike in Free T, DHT?
  4. W

    Propionate peak time & headaches

    The prop and headaches might not be related to one another but wanted to post together just in case. I started a prop/cyp blend roughly 2 weeks ago. I do daily injections at around 7pm. Ive noticed I’ve started getting pretty bad headaches everyday around 2 pm. When should I expect the prop...
  5. S

    Who's currently on T propionate?

    I read threads for a couple hours yesterday as I've been considering trying it out. I can always go back to cypionate anyways! Found a bunch of guys here especially have tried it, but some went off it after a while. Wondering who has stayed on it, or can still say they like it better. My...
  6. Y

    Newbie TRTer, Big trouble dialing In, please helpme

    28 Y.O., 2.5 years of SSRIs use. Here are my labs Pre-Treatment: Free T - 12,20 pg/ml Range: 4,5 – 42 Total T - 321 ng/dl R: 249 – 836 Estradiol - 36,64 pg/ml R: 7,63 – 42,6 SHBG - 17,5 nmol/l R: 17,3 – 65,8 Other labs (Thyroid, Prolactin, PSA, Hematocrit - fine) I've started 30 days ago -...
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