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    Determining Primary vs Secondary after TRT

    Hey guys, I'd like to determine if I am primary or secondary hypogonadic. Unfortunately, the blood work I had done pre-trt were very minimal and only show TT. Of course, my current blood work shows my LH, FSH, etc. are near zero. Is there a way I can determine if I am primary or secondary...
  2. S

    Primary/Secondary Hypogonadism?

    Hi all, This is my very first post on a newly created account. Sorry, it might be a long post. I've been dealing with a lot. Since June of 2017, I've been doing a lot of research on men's health on the internet. I've been dealing with a myriad of symptoms regarding testosterone for...
  3. K

    5 week Clomid Results with Primary Hypogonadism Diagnosis

    Hello Forum! I hope some of you may be able to help me with my situation. I am 35yr old male - pretty healthy (slightly overweight) - 6'1" 220 pounds. (20-25 pounds overweight) In Feb 2015 - I went to the urologist to get my ED situation checked. He checked my testosterone levels - and I had...
  4. P

    Does testosterone replacement cause primary hypogonadism?

    I am secondary hypogonadal, and I currently take HCG monotherapy. Together with eating "paleo" and avoiding other foods I'm sensitive to, and focusing on better sleep, etc., I'm feeling more energetic, upbeat and focused. However, I'm still mildly depressed with very little libido, and I don't...
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