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    Anybody else have pharmacy restrictions to deal with?

    My doctor has written my testosterone prescription as Inject 1 ml every 14 days and written the concentration for 200mg/10ml with 3 refills available. My pharmacy initially didn't place any restrictions on the timing of the refills as I picked a 10 ml bottle in January, February, and March of...
  2. R

    Novarel branded hCG "strength" has changed - Get your Rx written correctly

    Or, Another Day at the Circus: ------------------------------------------- edit: "Wherever your goal is failure, introduce an excess of complexity to the system" problem: An incorrectly written Rx gives the pharmacist an excuse not to fill it while also confusing the pt. solution: Ask your...
  3. G

    Reliable Online Peptide Supplier needed

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if anyone can recommend a USA based company that sells Ipamorelin. I currently use and want to have another company as a secondary choice. I appreciate any information any one can provide. Thanks and have a great day
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