premature ejacuation

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    Dapoxetine for P.E

    Now I’m not the biggest fan of sari’s. If not absolutely needed. But these are supposed to have a 90 minute half life. Has anyone ever tried dapoxetin 30 or 60 mg. Good experience bad experience?
  2. A

    Feeling emotionally flat?

    Taking my e2 from 72 to 11 and switching to Ed injections has done wonders for my anxiety panic attacks, I no longer feel anxious or emotional! I still have a dead sex drive? should I keep increasing my dose to see where I feel best at(been on this protocol for almost 6 weeks) I wanna see how...
  3. S

    What should I ask the doctor in my visit tomorrow? Resuts attached

    Hi all, I am 30, 5'11 and 150lbs. Ever since my early 20s, I have not had strong erections, lacked energy and typical skinny fat with manboobs. But the lethargy and lack of ability to work and feeling sleepy has become too much in recent years. Three years ago, I ate junk and didn't exercise and...
  4. Z

    Finishing really fast

    So the last two days I have sex with my wife I literally have been only able to last for like 30 seconds to 1 minute. Mind you I have always been a guy who can go for atleast 10 minutes or more sometimes. I almost feel like premature ejaculation is worse then ED. Could it be my testosterone is...
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    Tri-Mix and Premature Ejaculation

    Does Tri-Mix have any effect on PE in any way (other than being able to stay hard after you cum with tri-mix)?
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