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    Defy Medical Physical Form Issues

    Its that time of year again. Defy Medical requires patients get a review of systems annually, in order to continue treatment. Last year was a hassle I was denied by CVS multiple times, until I finally removed the defy logo from photoshop and said it was for personal records. I ended up going to...
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    Defy Medical Physical?

    I’ve been trying to complete the Defy medical physical, but I can’t find anybody willing to do it. I’ve tried my GP, CVS, Walgreens and an urgent care near me. Defy patients, where do you get your physicals done and are you honest about what it’s for?
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    The Defy Physical: Always an Adventure

    I had an interesting little journey today to get my annual Defy physical. Last year this time I went to Redi clinic in the Houston area and used the Defy form and got it done quickly without issue by an NP. Today was a different story alas ! I scheduled my appointment and went at the time I...
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    Obtaining a Physical for Defy

    Guys, need some help. Took antidepressants for about 10 years. When I quit I noticed a decrease of erections to the point where I can't one on my own. I am 3 months into a TRT protocol as well with little results. My total is 432 now and free is 8.2 . When I quit antidepressants I can't last...
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