pde 5 inhibitors

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  1. S

    Frequent viagra use correlates with a reduced risk of heart attack in men with cardiovascular disease

  2. D

    Nitric oxide vs antioxidants

    Hey guys, I like to use arginine, citrulline, etc to encourage nitric oxide for blood flow as do some others. However it's come to my attention that at some point it's a free radical. Also using antioxidants may decrease nitric oxide? How do we get the best of both worlds? Any thoughts?
  3. D

    Cooper Pharma purity

    Hi all, First off I want to say that I have loved this forum, Nelson and the mods have been very friendly and helpful with my questions so far. In this post I am inquiring about Alldaychemist and the purity of their products. I have seen studies online stating that tadalafil laced with diabetes...
  4. J

    How does high estrogen cause poor erections and low libido?

    Are there any scientific/medical explanations as to how and why high estrogen will cause weak erections or "up and down" erections and/or a poor libido? Also of note, why can PDE5 medications ( Cialis, Viagra ) mask or override high e2 and allow for a decent erection? Does high e2 do something...
  5. Nelson Vergel

    Erectile Dysfunction and Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitor Use

    "Although the majority of PDE5i users in ELSA reported the effect of these medications on their sex lives as positive, when compared with men without ED they consistently reported higher levels of concern and dissatisfaction with various aspects of their sexual activity, function and...
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