pct clomid aromasin

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  1. michaelser88

    PCT after cycle, gyno and redness.

    Hi guys! I try to explane my problem, i hope somebody can give me advice:) My story: 2years sustanon, 150 dianabol /i know it was wrong/ So after i decided to quit and do pct. Ive done before but always clomid fuck me up.. so i decided firstly do hcg monotherapy.. now i think it was a mistake...
  2. M

    Clomid & Aromasin PCT

    My test results 4 weeks ago: test: 1500+ estro: 120 My test results as of 4 days ago and starting to feel a little since this test. test total: 160L SHBG: 27nmol test free: 32.5L test free %: 2.03 Estradiol: 22.1pg PSA: 0.66ng TSH: 2.471 t4: 1.16ng t3: 3.9pg rdw/cbc: 14.6H I wanted to try...
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