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  1. S

    testosterone patches

    Has anyone tried the patches from Age Force? I just got some and am going to try them for a couple months and see where my level is. I dont like creams because I am to hairy. I dont like giving myself shots and the troches under the tongue taste terrible so if these patches work I will be happy
  2. S

    Ageforce - supplement patches

    Anyone used products by this company I searched the forum and couldn't find any posts. Lots of supplements offered, all delivered via transdermal patches. Wonder if they work?
  3. sea_cav


    Hi Everyone Justin here. New to the site and learning lots. Thanks for all the info, Nelson. I'm reading your book as well. I've taken one test for Low T at a clinic dedicated to Low T therapy in Seattle. My initial results came back below range. I had another test administered for insurance...
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