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  1. Jaydubbs

    New Trimix Prescription Online?

    Does anyone know of an online clinic where new prescriptions of lyophilized Trimix can be obtained? I have used Trimix for about eight years. I moved to another city and my Uro wants to see me in person before he will write a new prescription. It would be great if I could do that online with...
  2. L

    ordering T online (SHTF scenario)

    ok, spare me the moral side of this. the pure reason I am considering this is a SHTF scenario (very likely IMHO). any sort of war or major shortages food/gas WILL affect T availability. I found random sources like Buy Steroids Online | Injectable & Oral Steroids for Sale USA | Card Payment I am...
  3. L

    Online Doctor

    Hi All, Is there an online doctor that will provide online consultations? This would be self paid by myself and then I would ask my doctor here to write prescriptions for what has been prescribed. I am beginning to lose hope now as I don't seem to be able to get dialed in properly and reap...
  4. M

    Anyone currently using metformin and getting it online?

    Anyone currently using metformin and getting it online? If so, where from and do you feel it is working for you? What benefits are you getting? Any issues?
  5. T

    Best place to order needles

    Hey everyone. I wanted to order some needles but am still a llittle paranoid that it won't be a reputable place. Nelson, or anyone that has ordered some before, where is the best place online to order? I need a way smaller guage than 25g tuberculin syringe for HCG. The stuff is like water as we...
Buy Lab Tests Online