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    TRT Halves Risk of Death in Opiod Users

    A new study reaffirms the benefits of TRT, at least among opioid users. The article says: There may be mortality, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular benefits from testosterone therapy among men with low testosterone due to opioid use, according to findings published in JAMA Network Open. Jasuja...
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    Study Finds Increased Risk of CVD from TRT

    A newly published study found an increased risk of stroke and myocardial infarction from testosterone replacement therapy. The risk was elevated for the first two years of treatment, suggesting that there is a subpopulation at risk, presumably those with existing heart disease. The journal...
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    Treating Obese Men with Testosterone Therapy

    A study duscussed at the Endo 2019 conference showed significant long term weight loss in men treated with testosterone therapy. While it's preferable to lose weight through diet and exercise, the long term success rate for thes changes are low. So having a pharmacological treatment which...
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    TRT and the Management of T2D

    Two studies recently in the news show the effectiveness of testosterone replacement therapy in the management of tupe 2 diabetes. The first was presented at the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting. An observational registry study of 462 men with obesity and hypogonadism. Among the cohort, 273 men...
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    Testosterone Levels Need Not Decline with Age

    The Cooper Center measured testosterone levels of men during patient asessment and did a multiple regression to see what factors testosterone levels were associated with they found that testosterone levels were inversely correlated with BMI and correlated with aerobic fitness, but not correlated...
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    Testosterone Is a Viable Treatment for Obesity in Older Men

    A retrospective observational study of 411 obese hypogonadal men found that testosterone undecanoate injections significantly decreased weight and waist circumference. The conclusion of the study says: "Testosterone therapy appears to be an effective approach to achieve sustained WL [weight...
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    Dysregulated Hormonal Pathways in Sarcopenia

    Analysis of hormone levels in older men in Sigapore suffering from sarcopenia showed that both dysregulated insulin/ghrelin and testosterone are responsible for muscle wasting. The full text of the article is online. "Insulin signaling and energy metabolism (ISEM: denoted by insulin, C‐peptide...
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    HIV Patients Often Also Have Hypogonadism

    Blood levels of 25 Japanese men who were HIV positive were measured. 13 of the men also had low free testosterone levels. Levels improved after one year of anti-retroviral therapy. Here is the abstract.
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    Long Term Followup of Men on TRT Shows Positive Results

    An observational study of men on testosterone replacement therapy shows positive results. The abstract says: "In a single center study, the authors treated 69 men with testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS). The average age was 57.84 years and the follow-up period was 94.62 months. All the men...
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