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  1. E

    Nizoral 1%/2%: How many times per week?

    What are the guidelines regarding how many times per week to shampoo with Nizoral and is there any difference in recommendations for the 1% and 2% versions?
  2. Nelson Vergel

    How to treat or prevent acne caused by testosterone.

    These are the best posts on acne and testosterone. acne increase on T Acne on back [Archive] - TRT, hCG,AI, Health Forums Thread: Testosterone Side Effect Management Table acne increase on T - Page 2 Acne [Archive] - TRT, hCG,AI, Health Forums Terrible chest...
  3. F

    Hair Loss at week 4-6 of TRT and then stopped

    So I started TRT(TestCyp @125mg) 7weeks ago... at around week 4-6 I started losing hair like crazy and started to FREAK OUT!!! I googled looking for a solution and thats how I found (which I love by the way). So when I stumbled to this site, in one of the forums I read someone...
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