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  1. C

    Anxiety and low testoserione

    Hello, My name is Chris just had a few questions. In may of 2022 I got Covid 19 and developed issue around sleeping. I literally could not sleep at all or maybe I would get like 1-3 hours at most for almost a month straight. I had my testosterone checked on June 9th and had a level of 328...
  2. T

    Newbie Sustanon 250 and HCG protocol advice

    Hey All, I'm a 29 year old male in Australia. I have just been prescribed TRT and HCG by my Dr for low T. My total T was around 210. LH and FSH were high so it looks like primary hypogonadism. He's prescribed me 250mg of Sustanon 250 per 2 weeks and 1500 IU of HCG per week. I am getting more...
  3. Y

    Newbie TRTer, Big trouble dialing In, please helpme

    28 Y.O., 2.5 years of SSRIs use. Here are my labs Pre-Treatment: Free T - 12,20 pg/ml Range: 4,5 – 42 Total T - 321 ng/dl R: 249 – 836 Estradiol - 36,64 pg/ml R: 7,63 – 42,6 SHBG - 17,5 nmol/l R: 17,3 – 65,8 Other labs (Thyroid, Prolactin, PSA, Hematocrit - fine) I've started 30 days ago -...
  4. R

    Rabbits TRT THREAD lab update 5/28

    I thought I would start a log hear for advice. If this is not the place or im doing something wrong let me know. a little back ground. I am 42 5 8 164. September 2016 accepted I drank to much and cut back I was weighing in at 210 218# hard to remember. 4/2018 i still weighed 198# decided to...
  5. B

    Opinions on labs?

    I've been seeing more and more low T symptoms over the last two years. I'm 30yo, eat a pretty good diet, and lift heavy 4d/wk. I do need to lose about 30lbs but losing any weight has become a serious struggle now. Should I be considering TRT with these numbers and seeing many low T symptoms? I...
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    Trimix newbie...thought I'd share initial impression

    Hello All, I'm new to the forum and as of today a new trimix user. The experience at the doctors office was not as horrible as I expected it to be, lol. He drew 30 units (0.30 ml) and injected 15 to start...didn't hurt at all. He checked on me after 15 minutes and I was about 50% erect so he...
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    New member from Oregon

    Hi Everyone, I have finally decided to join and post after reading countless hours worth of material on all different types of sites related to TRT. Like many others I have read about on this site and others I have not felt like myself in many years. I am 38yrs old, 215lbs, 6' tall, medium...
  8. N

    Low Testosterone Guy

    Hey everyone my name is Nicolas Lopez I am interested in starting Testosterone. Any advice? Definitely want to avoid side effects, ball shrinkage ect
  9. O

    Hello from Orlando newbie

    Greetings TRT folks, i am new here and new to TRT. I'm a 54 year old man, HIV negative, in Orlando. I have a passion for weightlifting and lifted for about 10 years straight in my 40s, then hit a rough patch in my life and stopped for 5 years. I resumed again this January. After 5 months...
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