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  1. C

    Is 160 mg test/week too high for me? (newb)

    Questions for the group: 1) After just one shot, could the type of oil be creating skin itchiness? If not, is it likely to be the Testosterone or something unrelated? 2) Switching my protocol from 160 mg/week test, 1,000 iu/week HCG, 5 mg/day DHEA to...60 mg/week test, no HCG or DHEA for now and...
  2. B

    Just starting TRT. Having a rough start with anxiety and insomnia.

    Hello. Thank you for all the work this forum does. I just started TRT for low libido and energy about 1wk ago (protocol below). I will do my best to limit this post to pertinent info and not write an intro novella. ACUTE ISSUES/CONCERNS : The day after my second 70mg Test E, I experienced...
  3. D

    So many post on low Shbg, what range is low shbg?

    New to the forum and very new to trt (only 10 days in). I've had 4 tests pre trt over 18m and all with shbg with following results: 23 (latest and lowest) , 26, 31, 34 nmol/L. Should I be worried about having low shbg? Currently my protocol is e5d 125mg Sustanon. Do I need to move to EoD or...
  4. L

    Looking for advice, opinions and experiences

    Looking for advice and other's experience and opinions. My total T has been anywhere between 253 and 325 for the past few years...SHBG around 21-23 consistently. My doctor prescribed 100mg test cyp to start out, but left it up to me on how to split the dose and whether to pin IM or SubQ etc...
  5. K

    Bloodwork starting trt

    Hi, Very new to all this, sort of introduction post too. Hi everybody. I know it's long. Considering trt, pretty nervous about it all. Just looking for a sanity check, feedback and any advice. Really appreciate all the info on this site already. History / Stats 37 190 lbs 5'11'' BP 120/78...
  6. J

    Thanks for having me!

    I am 38 year old male, started my therapy 5 weeks ago. I am taking twice a week testosterone cypianate at 75 mg per injection. Also just this week started 500 iu hcg twice weekly on the day before my testosterone shots. My levels were at 340 and 3.4 free testosterone. Just a little background on...
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