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  1. E

    Anxiety about IM injections

    Hey All. I have been on TRT for about a year. I started with daily subQ injections for the first four months, then switched to 2x weekly IM in the ventroglute with a 1 1/2inch needle. Felt better after the switch but I also added HCG at the same time. I was switching sides every injection and...
  2. T

    Storing pre-loaded syringes.

    When you fill a lot of syringes for a couple of weeks. How do to store them, needle down, needle up, on their side, or it doesn't really matter? I always pull the plunger back to take pressure off the needle.
  3. D

    Testosterone + HCG in Same Syringe

    I know some here combine the doses. Can you tell me technique and size syringe/needle you use? I’ll be using cypionate and pregnyl. Lure-Lok syringe or integral diabetic style?
  4. W

    Daily SUBQers: 5 stars for BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe - 31G 3/10cc 5/16"

    Like many on here, I started with harpoon needles from my general physician and then graduated (mercifully) to 29 gauge x 1/2 fixed insulin needles for shallow IM thanks to the advice of this forum. A year ago I moved on to low dose daily SUBQ and began using 31 gauge x 5/16. For insulin...
  5. ReillyJ

    Need to re-order needles, advice please

    So i need to re-order needles for my husband, we currently do injections twice weekly (per this forums advice, we were doing 3x weekly but his SHBG tends to run higher..he's 71, has non alcoholic liver cirrhosis, etc.) so we dropped to twice weekly which he's doing fine on and i've been drawing...
  6. 3

    Review of the Exel Low Dead-space Syringe/Needle

    I recently purchased a box of the Exel 25g 5/8" 3cc syringes (from here) that have the "low dead space" plunger. I pinned today and figured I'd share my thoughts. Solid build, threads on luer lock are tight (no wiggle) The plunger glides very easily (unlike my previous BDs, which would get...
  7. T

    Best place to order needles

    Hey everyone. I wanted to order some needles but am still a llittle paranoid that it won't be a reputable place. Nelson, or anyone that has ordered some before, where is the best place online to order? I need a way smaller guage than 25g tuberculin syringe for HCG. The stuff is like water as we...
  8. C


    I met with my doctor (the 4th one I have seen) last Friday and blood test showed my T level went up some on clomid but not enough and no positive benefits were seen. He agreed to the injections. Starting me on 200 mg every 2 weeks. Told me a few days before time for my next shot I may feel a...
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