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  1. M

    Which type of insulin needle do I buy?

    I have been injecting via subcutaneous injections. The insulin needles that I use are very small which takes a very long time to draw the testosterone. Can you tell me exactly what gauge and length of insulin needle I need to buy to streamline that process.
  2. S

    27G x 1/2 VS 25G x 5/8

    Switched from IM to SQ a few months ago, been using 25G x 5/8 insulin syringe at 90 degrees in my incredibly fat belly. Specifically, between 2-4 inches away from the belly button on either side. The way it “feels” and how quickly i react to it, i think im actually doing a shallow im...
  3. S

    Injecting cypionate sub-q

    About a month ago, I switched from 2x a week IM (3.5 each time) to 2x a week Sub-Q (same). Drawing oil into that insulin needle is excruciatingly slow and makes me wonder if there is a better way? The injection itself is wayyyyyy easier than IM, but the process is slow. I haven't gotten the...
  4. J

    Needle size

    1 inch needle fine for flute? Normally use 1.5”
  5. B

    Switch to shorter needles for less scar tissue?

    Currently injecting my test with a 1in long needle 23g intramuscularly. Thanks to Vince I'm doing this solely in the ventral glutes. I know IM tends to build up scar tissue over time. To lessen scar tissue would it be a good idea to switch to 1in or 1/2in long needles? I don't have much fat in...
  6. DixieWrecked

    Fixed Needle Syringe Recommendation

    What do you think of this fixed needle syringe for injecting .25ml? Easy Touch 27 G 1 cc 1/2 in Insulin Syringes - 100 ea I have grown tired of seeing the waste inside the "low dead space" needles. 29 gauge takes too long to draw and inject. 27 seems about right. I also like the .5ml...
  7. C

    HCG Injection Sites

    I'm a bit of a needle phobic. My wife administers my TRT (glutes) while I have been taking care of the twice weekly HCG shots in my belly. For whatever reason this still causes me stress. In an attempt to reduce stress, last night I had my wife inject HCG into my glute, subcutaneously. I felt...
  8. J

    Needle 30 G 1 inch?

    I am going to switch from once per week injection using 25 G 1 inch needle to twice per week. I am looking at the 30G 1inch needle by Easy Touch. I was surprised to find a 30G 1 inch long. Has anyone had any experience using this needle?
  9. M

    HCG Mixing Needle, Sterility, discard after 1 month?

    Hi, I just started HCG. I have been on T-Cyp for years. The kit came with an 18G needle for mixing the water into the powder. This is a big needle and made a big hole in the rubber stopper. Maybe even bigger as I was pointing the water at the side of the vial. Today I did my second...
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