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    Best meds to improve Ejection Fraction in TRT Users?

    It turns out I had crazy high blood pressure (170/100), likely for months, too much caffeine, stress and I'm 125kg/275 pounds / 192cm/6'4, 44 years old. Last week a cardiologist put me on Dipperam 5+160 (5mg Amlodipine + 160mg Valsartan), using this first once a day and after 2 days moved on to...
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    Bystolic nebivolol giving me ED or Numb feeling at only 1.25mg

    Anyone else have this issue? Already had some ED issues but alot worse basicly impossible to get erections or climax since starting Bystolic. I have only been on it a few days but man it's definitely having an effect. What are other choices for heart rate management or does this get better with...
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    The beta blocker Nebivolol

    According to some readings I made it seems that Nebivolol doesn´t creat ED but on the contrary. Anyone on this forum taking this beta blocker or someone could share something about this medication? Nebivolol dilates human penile arteries and reverses erectile dysfunction in diabetic rats...
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