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  1. keithc2485

    True /false -Multi-dose 10ml vial expires after 28 days of puncturing??

    Hey hey guys, out of curiosity I was googling questions about Pfizer brand testosterone multi-dose 10ml vial because I just started getting them. I used to just get the single-use vials because my insurance stopped covering the single dose vials except Perrigo which I don't use I had an...
  2. keithc2485

    Medicaid /MultiDose Vial of Test. Cyp?? / Wasting Medication !

    Hey guys, Really need some help, I have been on TRT for 2.5 years .... currently 50mg 2x a week for over a year now out of a Single dose 1ml/200mg vial Since sticking the rubber top 4x , by the 2nd or 3rd stick its dripping out alot I am losing so much medicine (almost 1/2 of the vial) my...
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