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  1. G

    For moderators

    Was just wondering if it would be possible for moderators to give 1 or 2 warnings in a thread, before actually closing it. Instead of abruptly closing a thread, I think it might be helpful to just let everyone in that thread know that the discussion is becoming unproductive, or let them know...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Our great moderators

    Our great list of moderators and super moderators (Chris and Gene are the super moderators :) ) CoastWatcher Gene Devine Jasen Bruce Tom Larabee Vettester Chris Vince Thanks guys for your hard work and for caring about others! Nelson
  3. Nelson Vergel

    IMPORTANT: ExcelMale Forum Staff and Member Ranking

    ExcelMale Forum Staff and Member Ranking Member Title Required Posts Qualification Description STAFF Admin Admin is the site owner an he can do whatever he wants! Executive Moderator Admin Appointed The "Executive Moderator" will have all admin rights and...
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