missed dosage

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  1. keithc2485

    Medicaid /MultiDose Vial of Test. Cyp?? / Wasting Medication !

    Hey guys, Really need some help, I have been on TRT for 2.5 years .... currently 50mg 2x a week for over a year now out of a Single dose 1ml/200mg vial Since sticking the rubber top 4x , by the 2nd or 3rd stick its dripping out alot I am losing so much medicine (almost 1/2 of the vial) my...
  2. J

    Issue with testosterone treatment?

    I recently had to take a break in treatment for 5 maybe 6 weeks due to my Endo switching clinics. Before she would prescribe my meds she wanted to run more blood work. These results showed my total and free levels normal but my FSH and TSH w/reflex to t4 was high. So she wants me to stop...
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