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    Is anyone here active duty military that were able to get TRT from the military medical docs?

    I’ve been being treated for low T by my family doc that I’ve had since I was a child. Tricare even pays for all my meds that I get from CVS. Even military pharmacies said they’d fill my prescription if I brought it to them. My question: how can I just get military docs to prescribe this, and...
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    Potential of Testosterone Supplementation for Special Forces

    It looks like the US Military is still considering giving testosterone shots to Special Operations Forces. I have mixed feeling about this. The article is in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine, the abstract is from PubMed. The conclusion states: "Special Operations Forces training...
  3. S

    TRT advice for military member

    Hello, I'm a 27 yo AF officer who's been in the service for under a year. I think I've been suffering from low T symptoms for the past few months so I got some labs from Labcorp and my initial test test showed my total T at 200 ng/dL. A test of free and total about two weeks later showed free...
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