male pattern baldness

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  1. Pacman

    Has anyone here tried HIMS topical spray along with their shampoo? What results did you get?

    I am thinking of trying out their combo spray (0.3% finasteride + 6% minoxodil). I have a receding hairline and general thinning hair. Has anyone tried their spray and/or their shampoo? How are the results? And how long did it take before you started seeing results? This is the spray...
  2. R

    Losing hair on TRT

    I have been on TRT now for one year. It seems like I am losing hair slowly. I never had baldness pattern. Now losing hair on both side of my forehead. I am 42. My dad is over 70 and he still has full think hair. I always had thick hair.I have more body hair now with TRT but losing hair close to...
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