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    Low Testosterone

    Hi I have been diagnosed with Secondary Hypogonadism. My Total T level was 224 and Free T was 11.43. My Endocrinologist has put me on HCG 1/2 vile twice a week. As of now I have take 7 viles. Just wanted to know if it is the right treatment and how much time it will take to get the positive...
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    19 years old, low testosterone

    Hey guys! (Sry for some grammatical issues, my native language isnt English) I have just joined the forum, but I was on this site several times ago and have read some interesting articles (how long till test effects are significant, ...). After months, actually more or less years of...
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    26 Year Old With Extremely Low Testosterone Levels - Need Guidance

    Hello ExcelMale forums, Since being diagnosed with Hypogonadism, I have been a regular lurker, on this forum and many others trying to better educate myself on my condition. Though at this point, I require the advice from those that have dealt with this struggle themselves. My struggle...
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    Have anyone tried uBreeze for low T?

    Hi, I'm new to this community. I am 30, and have been having POSSIBLY low T symptoms since was 16/17. Here are the symptoms: - Loss of pleasure in masturbation - Lack of sensations when touching the pennis (not numb, just lack of good feelings) - Lack of libido (psychologically I still want...
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