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    Healthy 22 year old with 298ng/dL total test.

    Hi everyone. I decided to post here because I am at my witts end with the issues I've been having. For the past year I've had low testosterone. Testing at 348, 327, and now 298 ng/dL over 3 tests the past year. I live a healthy lifestyle, I go to the gym daily and love weightlifting. Diet is...
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    25 y/o male low T

    Hi guys been feeling like crap now for sometime. I finally had some lab work done a few months back and my total testosterone came back at 331..with a reference range of 300-1800 ng/dl. My estradiol was 16.8 ...with a reference range of 0-60.7 pg/ml. Probably unrelated but Vitamin D was...
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    High Prolactin - can it produce all of the high E2 symptoms?

    Thus is my second attempt at usig this forum. If yoi dont know anything about the subject please can yo just post a hello just to let me know I am using it correctly!! I would rather use this forum rather than the facebook page finally!!!
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