low shbg injection

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  1. O

    Low SHBG high Free T Injection Protocol

    Hello, Long time reader of this forum. First time actually posting. I’ve been on TRT for 2 years due to steroidal induced hypogonadism. I’m 25. Total T was low 200’s and never came back. After two years of TRT i’ve finally come to the conclusion and realization that I have low SHBG and thus...
  2. J

    protocol for low SHBG

    For people that have low SHBG what is ur protocol? Thanks
  3. Okian

    Injection Protocol for people with Low SHBG !!

    '' However, what I hear "on the streets" is that men who are low SHBG or just high converters to estrogen tend to do better with 3X weekly subQ injections. I believe the reason for this is that with smaller doses of testosterone cypionate more often, you get a smoother ride with lower estradiol...
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