low prolactin

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  1. E

    Raising low prolactin

    Hey everyone. I overused cabergoline to treat issues at the nipple, and after getting bloods I found my PRL reading was near 0. Three months later, I'm at PRL 0.66 ng/ml (range is 4.05-15.2). I'm experiencing some erectile issues as a result. Are there any nutritional or supplemental...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Low Prolactin Is Associated with Sexual Dysfunction & Psychological/Metabolic Issues

    I caution men who are using cabergoline to be careful not to bring their prolactin down too low. Men use cabergoline to decrease their prolactin after a study showed that this would improve orgasms, but now a new study shows that too low of a prolactin blood level can create problems. "Sexual...
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