low libido ed disfunction

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    Looking for help

    Hello First of all, if this is wrong section, apologies. For the past three years I have been experiencing low energy, low motivation, brain fog, memory shortness, super low libido and as of last year, ED. The libido is almost at the bottom now. I am not on TRT and I have never used hormones...
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    Low libido and e.d. in primary guys

    I'm starting to think there is a big correlation between primary hypogonadisim and low libido and e.d. and low s.h.b.g. even after trt I almost find no guys who are true primary getting along sexually vibrantly without working testicles. Any primary guys care to share?
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    Week 3 of TRT - loss of libido; start AI: Update in OP; Estradiol at 71.9

    Update: Ran with the majority opinion; didn’t change anything and waited for the end of week 4 for a retest. Still on the initial, prescribed protocol of subQ injections on a MWF schedule. T-Cyp 25 mg (200 mg/ml – 0.25 ml) along with HCG 300 iu. Still running the initial protocol with a Defy...
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    Low Libido and ED with normal lvls of hormones

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