low free testosterone

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    High total T, low free T... no TRT... WTF

    Trying to figure out my labs... not on any exogenous hormones. (I do take metformin for anti-aging/cancer) 46 yo... BMI 23... weightlifting 5-6 times/week... hard to gain muscle mass... kind of down in the evenings. Total T: 874 ng/dL Free T: 60 pg/ml FSH: 4.3 mIU/mL LH: 2.8 mIU/mL Seems...
  2. V

    low total and upper limit free with pretty high SHBG?

    got my lab results showing pretty low total tt (2,61 ng/ml)but normal free T (13,73pg/ml) on a quite high SHBG (77)!? is that normal? I would expect my free to be pretty low
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    High SHBG

    Hi all, I’ve been treating hypothyroidism over the last 2.5 years and finally after multiple medications and doses i’ve found what works well for me. I take a combination of unithyroid and cytomel along with some iodine. Unfortunately, since I started my treatment, my SHBG has been...
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    Testosterone injections vs Clomid for secondary sexual characteristics, need help!

    Hi everyone, I'm 32 years old and have secondary hypogonadism (was diagnosed at 25 years old). I've been on clomid for around 7 years now that was prescribed by my urologist. My main question is whether testosterone injections are more effective than clomid for secondary sexual characteristics...
  5. L

    TT: fine - Free T: Really low still on TRT...please help!

    Been on TRT for 2 months now. My TT midrange now but my free testosterone is still off the charts (low) so I'm not benefitting at all. Where do I go now!!!? 🙏🏻 UK BLOODS ------------- TT 18 nmol/L E2 60 pmol/L (we dont have a sensitive test in UK!!!) Ref= 30-155 SHBG 40...
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    33 years old with Total T of 14.2 nmol/L and Free T of 213 pmol/L

    Hello, I just had my blood tested for levels of T and Estradiol. Results are as follows: Testosterone: 14.2 nmol/L Free T: 213 pmol/L Estradiol: <73 pmol/L I have known that I'm low for a couple years now. These results are better than my last tests, but are still low. I eat a very healthy...
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    Downwards T values... to bottom.

    I had posted description of the problem on FB first. I move it here... I had been on Testim treatment for slightly over two months. I had received request of blood reanalysis and consultancy with dr. Something went apparently not really right. Initial value for total testosterone was 7,5...
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