low ferritin and iron replacement

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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Iron Absorption Enhancers and Blockers

    For those of you who donate blood too frequently and have to take an iron supplement. https://examine.com/supplements/iron/research/#pharmacokinetics_absorption-enhancers
  2. L

    How to replenish low Iron while on TRT

    Hi All, How can I replenish my Iron levels? My doctor wanted my hematocrit to come down from 53 back in the summer time. Its now at 49.3. I did 3 blood donations. One in May 2018, Aug 2018 and Oct 2018. My ferritin was at a score of 17 on my Oct blood tests. At that time the doc said to stop...
  3. D

    Anemia, Low Ferritin, "Normal" Serum Iron

    Im a 33 year old man with hashimotos thyroiditis, on trt for a few months now. Due to ongoing health problem I decided on my own to have iron and ferritin tested on Monday, revealing ferritin levels of 15ng/ml. This was unexpected. I actually was worried that my iron was going to be too high. I...
  4. 3

    Low Ferritin Issues

    I found out that I have high Reverse T3, and subsequent tests revealed that I have very low Ferritin. My first test came in at 34 (30-400), so I began taking an Iron supplement (Proferrin Forte). After 45 days on this supplement, my Ferritin is now at 38. I gave blood once back in June, and I...
  5. D

    TRT, Therapeutic Phlebotomy, Low Ferritin, and Iron Replacement

    I'm 59 years old and have been on TRT since 6/12. In the fall of 2012 excessively high testosterone levels forced us to lower the injection amount from 1.0ml to 0.7ml and decrease the injection interval from 14 days to 10 days. That lowered mid-cycle testosterone to 650-675 ng/dL, where it has...
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