low calorie diet

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    Low cortisol levels (adrenal exhaustion) vs. low calories and starvation mode

    Hello, This morning I read a post from 1-24-18 "Belly fat Won't Go Away" Madman commented, "Put my money on it that your calories are too low so your basically in starvation mode" How would I determine if I am in starvation mode vs. low cortisol levels, adrenal exhaustion? I am 59 years of...
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    Can a Bodybuilder’s Diet be High-Protein and Low-Calorie at the Same Time?

    When it comes to an ideal diet for a bodybuilder there are many myths that hamper you from achieving their bodybuilding goals. While everyone is aware that muscle building requires protein, they are also worried about excess calories consumed that can lead to negative results. However, it is...
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