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  1. O

    Losing Lipodystrophy Visceral Abdominal Fat

    Hello group, My name is Osiris. I’m new here. I was diagnosed with Lipodystrophy about a year ago. This was after a very frustrating few years of testing and treating various believed conditions. Finally doctors found I had Lipodystrophy, but with none of the usual conditions that cause it...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    HIV and Hormones

    Nelson answers HIV specific hormone questions in this section of (most of this information is applicable to most people) Nelson Vergel 's column on hormones on Body shape changes in HIV (lipodystrophy and lipoatrophy)
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Use of Tesamorelin to Decrease Abdominal Fat in HIV Patients

    Steven K. Grinspoon, MD, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, discusses the molecular and clinical implications of visceral adipose tissue accumulation in lipodystrophy. In his presentation, Grinspoon covered HIV lipodystrophy, which occurs in about 25% of HIV-infected patients...
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