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    Cypionate + HCG - zero libido :(

    Hi All! My first post - I hope you can help me! I am on 0.2ml Cypionate (200mg/ml - so 40mg) and 250IU HCG 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). Sub Cutaneous for both. I sleep well and don't feel fatigue in the daytime (unlike before TRT). I am tapering off Mirtazapine - down to 7.5mg from 30mg 2...
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    How Long Till My Libido Returns?

    I am a Monorchid male (born with one testicle, not undescended, it never existed) I moved from Florida to Tennessee. At my first appt with a new Doctor and endocrinologist attempting to get a new prescription/refill of my 200mg per wk Test-Cyp they refused and due to their ignorance took me off...
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    Libido, anti-depressants and testosterone

    First of all can I say a big thank you for whoever started this site, I have spent hours scouring the web for good info, ultimately resorting to research articles for reliable material. To cut a long story short about 3 years ago I started to experience symptoms of depression and reduced libido...
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