lh and fsh

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  1. B

    Tramadol & HCG

    Hello all. I’ve read about tramadol decreasing testosterone and LH by up to 40% in chronic users. No mention of dose in the studies however. Does anyone know if this would affect an HCG user? I’m on doctor prescribed HCG but also need tramadol every other day to manage severe back pain (100mg...
  2. J

    Time for clomid to raise testosterone

    I have stopped taking Testosterone cream from 2 weeks and start clomid 5mg every day. My fsh was high but my LH was low and also my blood testosterone levels were too low. How much time i need to wait to get my LH level high? Please see blood report. Fyi, I previous had high LH n FSH within 3...
  3. M

    HCG Not Boosting LH?

    Hi everyone, I've been on a weekly protocol of 80mg test E (40 mg 2x per week) + 1,000 IU HCG (500 IU 2x per week) for about 12 months. I've done bloodwork twice in the last few months and surprised to still see my LH/FSH levels at basically 0. The key blood levels were as follows (generally...
  4. N

    Odd results, high FSH, high LH but normal testosterone

    Hi I'm a 46 year old man and I've had a series of strange hormone results over the last few years, although I have been discharged from the endocrinolgist I still have unanswered questions, as does my doctor. In fact, I was told I was in the normal range even though i clearly haven't been. I...
  5. J

    Triptorelin to Restore HPTA

    Triptorelin is used clinically to produce castration by suppressing LH and FSH, being agonistic but constant stimulation produces the opposite effect. It has been claimed that a single dose of 100 mcg would be fine to restore HPTA. I would like to have some input on this...
  6. B

    Maintaining LH & FSH on TRT

    Hello, I’m curious how a man can maintain optimal LH and FSH levels while on TRT? Is it possible to be on testosterone injections and a fertility drug and still be able to maintain good LH and FSH numbers ? I keep seeing postings from people who are going to primebody anti aging clinic and...
  7. B

    No LH and very low fsh

    I’ve been on HCG( 2500 iu x 2 week) for 5 months and my doc just decided to add 25mg of clomid ed about a month and a half ago. Every time I’ve done bloodwork my LH level is always <.1 IU/L and my FSH is .2 IU/L. Why can’t I get my LH and FSH up? Is it undetectable because I’m on hcg ??
  8. R

    Thinking about TRT

    I also posted this in the labs section so sorry for double post. Grateful for any help. 47 y/o. 6', 190lbs. Just starting to lift weights but have gained maybe 15 lbs in the past few years. Love handles and belly fat. Physically weak. Previously skinny fat. Cancer survivor. Workaholic...
  9. A

    Low LH and FSH

    Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe, 30 yr old, good health, no medication. Feeling fatigued, brain fog, no motivation and indecisive asf, low semen volume. Got various blood done on different occasions, my doctor is useless so I used a private clinic I paid for, got bloods done on 6...
  10. J

    Covid-19 and the Testes

    This preprint explores the effects of Covid-19 on sexual hormone levels in men. The study finds that LH levels are elevated, FSH and testosterone levels are the same. And they hypothesize that Covid-19 impairs testosterone production, so the body boosts LH levels to compensate, bringing...
  11. P

    Does testosterone cypionate cause low fsh

    I know it will lower LH. But I’m assuming by being shut down. It means yet shuts down not only natural test production. But Fsh and LH is really low. And are there any long term effects to be concerned with or look for with those being very low.. Thank you
  12. L

    Concern about long term HCG and potential permanent down regulation of FH and LSH

    I'm 24 and have had my T levels tested 3 times in the last 3 months and my levels have consistently come back low. The highest test level was 350 and the other times have been mid 200s. I live in the Washington DC area and its pretty difficult to find any knowledgeable Dr's in the area. About...
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