lean body mass

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  1. UltraNalu

    Not Gaining Muscle Mass, Not Losing Fat - What's Up?

    My goal: lean muscle mass & strength gains. Reality: I've gained 3.6 lbs of lean muscle mass since Nov.2021 - that's less than a 1 lb per month. I started TRT in Nov 2021. (This is currently near the end of Feb 2022 - so about 4 months of TRT) Test. Cyp injections 35mg x2 weekly with...
  2. Nelson Vergel

    Why It Is Harder To Add Muscle Mass As We Age?

    We lose muscle mass and strength as we age. This is known as sarcopenia. Muscle loss could begin in our 30s. Genetics and lifestyle play a major factor and there is a lot of inherited individual variability There are several reasons why we become weaker: Our nervous system becomes more...
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