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  1. madman

    L-Citrulline Supports Vascular and Muscular Benefits of Exercise Training in Older Adults

    Age-associated reduction in endothelial nitric oxide (NO) synthesis contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases and sarcopenia. L-Citrulline is a precursor of NO with the ability to improve vascular function and muscle protein synthesis. We hypothesize that the vascular and...
  2. M

    L-citrulline Another good feed back

    Just wanted to share my experience, I can clearly correlate L-citrulline supplement with morning wood and better erection. I stop it and morning wood goes away, start using it again and morning wood comes back. though morning wood seems to relate also to my testosterone cycle for example during...
  3. stevep

    L-Citrulline Powder Question

    I need to re-order my L-Cirtulline and have a question. I see two options one with Malate (2:1) and one without which says Pure L-Citrulline. Both are from the same manufacturer; Nutricost. What is the difference? Both packages say 3 grams per scoop, both unflavored. The price is only...
  4. Gene Devine

    L-Citrulline helps you hold on to muscle mass during a weight-loss diet

    You guys who use my nitric oxide stack know how much I love L-Citruline Here's a review of a study that may suggest that muscle wasting can be halted when dieting or leaning out. We work our asses for our muscled physique and when we want to lean out we don't want to lose lean muscle mass...
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