klinefelter's syndrome

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    Etiology: What do you think caused your low T (hypogonadism)?

    Hey everyone, I had a though and felt I'd ask everyone. What do you think caused your hypogonadism? I was thinking about my etiology and realized I don't particularly have one. I did have an one sided orchiectomy (removal of testicle) for cryptorchidism, but that wouldn't have an effect on my...
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    Klinefelter's Syndrome help with TRT

    So I have KS and i find that most of the information here doesn't help me because I have primary hypogonadism, but there is no resources online for correct dosing and protocols for TRT for people with Klinefelter's. So, I want to start one here. Currently, I am on 1mg Anastrozole a week and...
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    DVT-PE in Klinefelter's syndrome

    Men with Klinefelter's syndrome usually start testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in early adolescence and take it life long. Likelihood of DVT-PE in Klinefelter's is 20 times that of the normal population, or about 1 in 50 men. We have new data that most men with Klinefelter's who develop...
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