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  1. S

    Itchy when sweating.

    Hey all. Hoping you all can help here. This started up a month ago. Have been on hrt for 3 years no symptoms. Protocol 180mg cypionate split 2x week, 5mg tadalafil daily, 1 grain desiccated thyroid, 1200mg nac, 5000 iu D3, 50 mg zinc, 250 HCG m/w/f I’m getting a prickly, tingly, painful...
  2. MilkMan

    Itching on TRT?

    I've got a call in with my endo, but I figured I'd pick some brains here as well. About a month into TRT (100mg Test Enanthate per week), I started itching. No rash. No specific location. Just general itching. It'll be my earlobe one moment, my butt cheek the next. When it's bad, it's hard to...
  3. S

    Loosing hair and going bald fast with Tostran, what to do?

    Since ive started with Tostran (testo gel) My scalp is itching and it also burns alot. im loosing hair and going bald...every day i see hairs fall off on my pillow..can i do anything to make it stop? if i stop with trt my libido will die and i get very depressed and get panic attacks so thats no...
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