itching and burning skin

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  1. S

    Never been on trt, I have been ITCHY for a few years...ideas?

    I have been itchy for a couple of years now, particularly around my face forehead neck and scalp. About two months ago it got more intense. And hives covered my torso and then sporadically on my legs and arms. That had never happened before they have pretty much dissipated but are still itchy at...
  2. D

    Itchy skin?

    I waited a bit on asking this one to make sure I wasn’t just being too sensitive to every little thing my body has been doing. After a few months, My skin will not stop itching, specifically my scalp. My eyes are also bloodshot all the time. “Yes dumbass, it’s winter”, is what my wife said...
  3. Systemlord

    Itching and burning skin do to liver inability to remove bilirubin access.

    I thought I would put this out there for anyone who has experienced burning and itching while on TRT, in my case the cause is my liver is unable to filter out the excess bilirubin, a bile or acid compound removed by the liver and for those whose liver is functioning less than optimal can...
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