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  1. M

    New member introduction, and asking for advice.

    Hi folks, I’m a 24 year old male who was recently placed on TRT after dealing with moderate to severe depression, lack of energy, and difficulty with weight loss and muscle gain despite working out regularly. I’m taking 100mg Test-Cyprionate once weekly - I had to argue with my doctor against...
  2. C

    Hello Fellow Hormone Sapiens!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and officially throw my hat in the discussion ring - longtime lurker and huge fan of this site. I’m 29, and have been on HRT/TRT since I was 22 after consistently coming back with geriatric levels of Testosterone. To summarize and distill a lot of...
  3. T

    Hi guys

    I'm new to excelmale and just want to say hello everyone! I'm bodybuilder from Boston, my stats are: 5'6 180lbs, bf is around 14% I'm open to new nutrition/training tips and want to talk with everyone! That's would be cool if i will find here new friends, that love bodybuilding:) Thaaaaanks
  4. PeacefulWarrior


    What's up folks, new member here. I came across to this forum and became happy, bcoz.... There are a lot of useful bodybuilding, nutrition, supplements etc tips so i decided to join this community! I'm 23 and my name is Alan. I'll be glad to talk with you guys and i'm open to new knowledges...
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