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    Are millilitre amounts consistent across syringes?

    I am switching from insulin needle to a more typical syringe with (reduced) deadspace, to try out deeper IM injections. What is confusing is that insulin needles have no dead space whilst typical syringes do. Making the switch I really want to avoid fluctuations, I have a narrow dose where I...
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    Daily SUBQers: 5 stars for BD Ultra-Fine Insulin Syringe - 31G 3/10cc 5/16"

    Like many on here, I started with harpoon needles from my general physician and then graduated (mercifully) to 29 gauge x 1/2 fixed insulin needles for shallow IM thanks to the advice of this forum. A year ago I moved on to low dose daily SUBQ and began using 31 gauge x 5/16. For insulin...
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    Shallow IM Injection

    In my previous thread I asked about using slin pins, but didn’t necessarily say it was for shallow IM instead of sub-q. I’m just making sure that it will actually do something, correct? Is there a difference between injection 1 inch into muscle, than a half inch into muscle, versus just a...
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    Insulin Syringe Help

    I’m tired of losing so much testosterone with my twice per week shots in the tip of the 23g needle. It’s like a quarter ml or something, so by the time I’m supposed to run out of test, if I was using the dose I’m prescribed, I’d run out way too fast. So anyway, when you draw with a slin pin, do...
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    HCG Injection Sites

    I'm a bit of a needle phobic. My wife administers my TRT (glutes) while I have been taking care of the twice weekly HCG shots in my belly. For whatever reason this still causes me stress. In an attempt to reduce stress, last night I had my wife inject HCG into my glute, subcutaneously. I felt...
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    Insulin Needle Question and shout out To AllegroMedical

    Hey guys- not sure this is the right thread, so please feel free to move elsewhere if appropriate, mods. Quick shoutout to Allegro Medical- I ordered these 28g insulin syringes Monday night with 99c promo shipping. They estimated 7-10 days to Florida where I live and it showed up just after...
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